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 Miniature Longhorn Cattle

Why Miniatures

Land subdivision and urbanization has fragmented the landscape once dominated by sprawling ranches into a patchwork of small ranchettes.  With the ever shrinking size of American "ranches," the appeal of these small-framed longhorns has increased exponentially.  Landowners are now able to run a respectable number of cows and develop a profitable cow/calf operation on as little as 5 acres.  ​yard art ranch miniature texas longhorns

The Eyes of Texas are upon me.

Many new breeders are specializing in these small-framed longhorns and are marketing them as pasture pets and lawn ornaments that provide a means to maintain agricultural exemptions on smaller acreage properties. Texas is a state that allows exemption based on, if the ranch has established the miniatures are a business. Cha Ching.

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Why we think the Day is Dawning on a new Longhorn Breed

Texas Longhorns have always been majestic animals. With their long horns and colorful coats they make a perfect icon for the West. In today's world the giant ranches like the Chisum and King ranches are fewer and farther between.  The full size longhorn eats up to a third more and produces a lot more waste than their smaller counter part. Because the cowboy in all of us loves to see the days of old, we think even the smallest ranches should be able to have a few Texas Icons. 

A New Generation of Longhorns

The Market is always driven by the supply and demand of a product. As of 2016 there are very few animals that are proven, and even fewer that have been proven to produce miniatures. So the SUPPLY is low and the DEMAND is extremely high. 

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Yard Art Ranch, Selling The Best Miniature Longhorn Cattle


A gene that is passed on in miniature longhorn cattle is because the parent was of mixed blood. The problem is this gene is only obtained by Dexter. The Dexter, which is a small black breed, should not be in the Texas Longhorn blood. So if any of the animal  predecessor has had or does have the gene it is not a full blooded Longhorn.



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  • We pay animal transfer Costs
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  • Help with the sale of your animals
  • Transportation fee of your new miniature cows to your ranch

Our Products:

The Miniature Cows must only be 45” and the Bulls 48" tall or smaller. This doesn't seem small to some and it seems tiny to others. When you realize most "full size" longhorns can reach up to 55" for the cows and 60" for the bulls you notice the difference only when you're standing next to them. It’s kind of the opposite when you think, basketball players are average until you see them next to someone average. Small Framed they are petite in their appearance.