Magnificent Herd Sires FOR SALE! 

Artists, Maestros, Painters that will make up 1/2 of your entire herds genetics 

       Laer Kool Lexie                                          Aunt Mame                                                    YA Sunny

​             7/10/21                                                     2/21/19                                                        10/10/21 

Chex Mix Dots

DOB May 10, 2009

Chex is a friendly cow that has Coach, and Monarch in her pedigree. She is colorful with almost an Orange Tint. Go Longhorns!!!

She has been exposed to Little Leonardo since April 2015.


Our Masterpieces that are for sale

LAER QUEENIES LITTLE RED             Little Ace Finger Food                    Little Ace Pretty Baby         YA LITTLE WOLFGANG

6/14/20                                                       5/8/2020                                            5/23/19                            7/9/2020  The BULL 

LT Little Jackie

Jackie and her bull calf are the total

package. Both are 100% Butler. He is out of the Butler bull Rocky Blue. Little Jackie was found in Louisiana years ago and after hard work we negotiated to buy her. Her color and horns add amazing value to such a small framed cow. She is exposed to Baby Beethoven.


Package 3      total animals 

5 Mature Cows    $25,000

New Package deals

March 25, 2023 

Animals that Sold

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The BULL  

#53 or #54 Bull Calves your choice

Start Your Own Business 

Have you ever wanted to own a cattle ranch but thought it would be beyond your experience? 

Miniature Texas Longhorns are easier than raising most cattle. The miniatures are at least 1/2 the size.  Because they are smaller they eat less and they produce less waste. Cattle can be intimidating to manage, loading and being around, but with a smaller size cows the owner gets the pleasant advantage of being a Rancher with a western heritage of the old days and still having a profitable business. You can’t say, like most breeds of cattle, “Ive seen one so Ive seen them all”. Texas Miniature Longhorns are all very different, from color to the size of their horns. 

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Package 2

3 older  heifers and a Herd sire bull $16,000

Over 75 animals sold in the last 5 years

Ruby Neil 4/7/2018                                                      Savannah   6/26/2018

​                                                   Calf  not included                                                           

Package  1

 3 heifers and a bull calf for  $12,000

Barbi    1/19/2018                                  Heido Jo    3/10/16                              Billie Jo (Brown) 5/18/2018

                                                        Calves not included 

Yard Art Ranch

 Miniature Longhorn Cattle

Also for sale

YA Little Wolfgang 7/9/2020

Wolfgang is our JR Herd Sire and has the make up of a smaller bull. Sinatra and Miss Roughneck are smaller but he will even be smaller.